The financial crisis unleashed economic fear throughout Europe bringing high unemployment rates, increasing poverty and widening social gap. The pressing economic situation demands a new way of thinking and developing instruments which will bring both prosperity and social welfare and cohesion.

Social business is one of those instruments, a concept which integrates innovative business practices and substantial contributions to social prosperity. It is a job creation tool as well as it reaches social objectives.

Welcome to the social enterprising learning platform. The materials on this page were created for you by training institutes, universities and social enterprises throughout Europe. For more information on the creator, Social Enterprising Europe, go to www.socialbiz.eu.

Download the learners’ and facilitator’s handbook under Modules. Or go through the separate modules on the following themes:

  • Preparing to change the world
  • Building a better world
  • Creating social change
  • Connecting with stakeholders
  • Accounting for quality and impact
  • Improving people and leading
  • Being financially sustainable
  • Planning social innovation

The Case studies are there for you to give you a better idea of what social entrepreneurship means in reality. Watch the full case studies on 4 different types of social enterprises or go through the information sheets and read all about the challenges, organizational structures, finance mechanisms … of social enterprises.

To go even more into depth you can go through the Resources and learn what the world wide web has to offer on social entrepreneurship.

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